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Ayaguz river

Ttrip to the Ayaguz river

Rest on the river Ayagoz, rafting

Ayaguz (kaz. Ayagoz) is the name of the river in Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions, named Ayaguz because of the confluence of the Big Ayagoz and Small Ayagoz rivers. The length is 450 km, the basin area is 15.4 thousand km2. The river originates on the slopes of the mountains of the Tarbagatai Range at an altitude of 1661 meters above sea level. The river flows into the northeastern part of Lake Balkhash.

How to get there

The river is located in Eastern Kazakhstan, is one of the northernmost rivers, and is part of the Semirechye (Semirechensk Territory).
GPS coordinates of the river Ayagoz - 46.6627°N 79.2373°E


The river is very picturesque, it is one of the main attractions of East Kazakhstan. We recommend traveling to the river at the beginning of summer or late spring, on the river at this time it is very picturesque, nature at this moment is in its blooming state. It is also possible to organize river rafting (rafting). The river flows into Lake Balkhash in the Almaty region, which is also very picturesque and beautiful. Small rivers flow into the Ayaguz river such as Naryn, Balykty, Batpakty, Aigyz, Kuraily, Tansyk.

Ayaguz river, Abay region, East kazakhstan


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