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Buzunbay mountain gorge, tract, Almaty region.

4x4 jeep tour in Buzunbay gorge.

Buzunbai Gorge and Lake Karakul.

The Buzunbay Gorge is one of the little-known sights of the Almaty region. The picturesque gorge is located in the most beautiful mountainous area far from the city of Almaty. Traveling here will take you at least two days, as it is necessary to spend at least one night here. In the gorge you will meet nomads with their herds of horses, cows and sheep.

Buzunbay gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located in the area of ​​Lake Tuzkol, and is located in a mountainous area, Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan. The main landmarks here are the village of Kegen and Kakpak. We recommend traveling in this area with a guide who knows the region. In the upper reaches of the gorge there is an alpine lake Karakul (Karakol).

Buzunbay gorge - information for tourists.

Traveling to this gorge on the way, we will visit the beautiful lake Tuzkol, which is also located on our way in the Almaty region. The journey is more than 500 kilometers, and the road also passes through the mountains, so calculate your travel time. We recommend traveling around this region by 4x4 car (highly passable cars, jeeps). The area is very picturesque, you can travel here during the summer period, July August. Be prepared for drastic weather changes, so be prepared for it. In the upper reaches of the Buzunbay gorge there is a beautiful lake Karakul, which you can go on foot (hiking, trekking). Around the lake there is a mountain path where you can walk around the lake.

Buzunbay mountain gorge, natural boundary.


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