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Kuyuk pass, Zhambyl region.

Journey to the Kuyuk pass.

The Kuyuk pass, a landmark of the Zhambyl region, the height of the pass is 985 meters above sea level, which is quite high for this region. The Almaty-Tashkent auto road passes through the pass. The pass is very picturesque and beautiful.

Kuyuk pass - how to get there.

The pass is located in the Zhambyl region on the territory of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl district. From the city of Taraz to the pass, the distance is 31 kilometers (southwest direction.)
GPS coordinates Kuyuk Pass - 42°44'38"N 70°56'14"E

Pass Kuyuk - information for the tourist.

Traveling in the Zhambyl region, we will definitely cross this pass by car if we drive from the city of Taraz (the district center of the Zhambyl region). The Kuyuk pass is a low mountain, hills, which are part of the Small and South-Eastern Karatau mountains. The area is quite picturesque, we recommend staying here in the summer, and in spring, when nature dawns, the hills and mountains are full of flowers and local vegetation, at the end of summer the area is completely burned out from the scorching sun. A new road runs along the Kuyuk pass. In winter, we recommend traveling by car along the pass with extreme safety and discretion.

Pass Kuyuk.