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Fauna of Kazakhstan and observation of the animals of Kazakhstan.

Travels in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Watching the animals of Kazakhstan.

The fauna of Kazakhstan is very rich and diverse; a large number of different species of animals, birds, mammals, amphibians, fish, etc. live on the territory of Kazakhstan. There are many natural reserves and parks on the territory of Kazakhstan, in these reserves all kinds of living creatures live and flourish. In Northern Kazakhstan, you can meet such animals as a hare, roe deer, saiga, eagle, black grouse, partridge, swan, goose, seagull, etc.

Central Asian tiger in Kazakhstan.

The Central Asian tiger is still found in Kazakhstan, there is information that the last tiger was killed in 1943, but this information is not accurate, and we hope that tigers still exist. But their number is so small that it is very difficult and almost impossible to meet them. Also, this predator is very secretive and therefore people do not see them.

Reserves of Kazakhstan.

There are natural reserves on the territory of Kazakhstan. The territories of the reserves are under enhanced protection, such as the Ustyurt Reserve. On the territory of the Ustyurt Reserve, you can see mouflon, cheetah, saiga, goitered gazelle, jackal, fox, hedgehog, and others. Of the birds, there are an eagle, falcon, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, owl, flamingo, crane, heron, and others.

Mountains of Kazakhstan and their fauna.

In Kazakhstan, there are many beautiful mountains in which a large number of different types of animals, birds, and insects also live. In the mountains of Kazakhstan there are many rivers in which fish and amphibian species live. In Kazakhstan, there are 178 species of birds, 11 of which are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, these are stork, eagle, golden eagle, sickle beak, kumai, shahin, eagle owl, beauty bustard, saker falcon, peregrine falcon, lentil.

There are 47 species of mammals, these are snow leopard, marmot, fly, marten, mountain goat, argali, goitered gazelle, saiga, etc. Wolf, fox, bear, marten, weasel, ermine, lynx, manul and otter also live in the highlands.

History of the study of the fauna of Kazakhstan.

The history of the study of the fauna of Kazakhstan is also very rich. Many scientists, travelers, and geographers have been studying the fauna of Kazakhstan since the Middle Ages. Such travelers and researchers as N. A. Severtsov and A. M. Nikolsky made a great contribution to the study of the fauna of Kazakhstan. They studied the area of ​​the Aral Sea and the Balkhash basin. L. S. Berg also studied the ichthyofauna of the Aral Sea and made a great contribution to the development of research in the region.

Fauna of Kazakhstan.