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Kuruksay tract (lowland-ravine), Ustyurt plateau, Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour on the Ustyurt plateau.

Journeys along the Northern Ustyurt Plateau.

Kuruksay is the name of the well, which is located on the Ustyurt plateau in the Aktobe region. The Kuruksay tract was named after this well, and therefore both places have the same name. The width of the tract is 4 kilometers, here is Mount Sarusha. The area is deserted, we recommend traveling here at the beginning of summer, when nature blooms here. In the second half of summer, the area burns out completely and it becomes very hot here.

The Kuruksay ravine - how to get there.

Kuruksay is located in the Aktobe region, on the Ustyurt plateau, here is the Kuruksay well, which is the main landmark. Mount Sarusha 200 meters high is also here and is one of the attractions.

Ravine, natural boundary, Kuruksay well.


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