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Sagyz (Sagiz) river, Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Nature tours in Aktobe region.

Fishing on the river Sagyz.

Sagyz is a river in the Caspian basin, flows through the Aktobe and Atyrau regions. Length 511 km. The river originates in the west in the Mugalzhar mountains (Baysary mountain), less than 60-70 km from the Caspian Sea, it plunges into the Bersk hills near Tentexor (Makat district, Atyrau region). The water in the river is salty.

Sagyz River - information for tourists.

In the upper reaches the channel is steep and narrow, in the middle reaches the valley widens to 5-15 km. The lower valley of the river is narrow. The Sagyz River has about 100 branches less than 10 km long. The largest rivers are Dauldy, Ashysai, Nogaity, Topyrakshashty, Zharly, Mukyr, Burmasai. The river is replenished with rainwater. The water in the river is fresh, not suitable for drinking water. The water of the river is used to irrigate the land.

Sagiz river.


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