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Delbegetey mountains in the East Kazakhstan region.

Traveling in the mountains of East Kazakhstan.

Journey to the Delbegetey mountains.

Delbegetey mountains or granite massif, also known as dragon massif, or dragon stone massif. In ancient times, dinosaurs lived here, so the place got its name after its research by scientists from the Soviet Union. In 1956, in the mountains of Delbegetei, surveys were made of the area, and dinosaur bones and shells from dinosaur eggs were discovered. This discovery became a sensation, but few people know about it at the present time.

Delbegetey mountains - how to get there.

Granite array Delbegetei is located in Kazakhstan on the territory of the East Kazakhstan region, Zharma district. Also in the region there is a village, which is also called Delbegetey. The village is small, located 105 kilometers from the village of Kalbatau.

Delbegetey mountains - information for tourists.

In the mountains of Delbegetey in ancient times, minerals such as emerald, tin, aquamarine, and beryl were mined. Miners were people from the Chud or Chud tribe, the tribe had mining skills and was considered very ancient. Russian first settlers in the area (Old Believers) knew about this Chud tribe and found their mines where they mined their minerals. Modern scientists attribute the Chud tribe to the Andronovo tribes. Other scholars believe that the Andronovo culture belongs to the Aryan civilization, which at one time went to India in the 2nd millennium BC. In the mountains of Delbegetey there are rock carvings, petroglyphs, which were made by later tribes that inhabited this region.

Mountains Delbegetey.