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Karagungey mountains, East Kazakhstan region.

Sights of the East Kazakhstan region.

Tour to the Karakungey mountains in Kazakhstan.

The Karakungey Mountains, the absolute height is 1274 m. The mountains stretch for 18 km from west to east and currently have a length of 11 km. The northern slope is straight, the southern slope is gentle. The mountains are located at the confluence of the Buyen and Aksu rivers. The bedrock of the mountain in the southeastern part is bare. Gasford Pass runs along a steep cliff.

Karakungey Mountains - how to get there.

Karakungey is a mountain range to the west of the Kairakkol mountains. The mountains are located 2 km north of the village of Arasan, Aksu district, Almaty region and East Kazakhstan region.
GPS coordinates of Mount Karakungey - 45°20'39"N 79°22'19"E

Karagungey mountains.


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