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Kara-Kengir River (Karakengir), Karagandinskaya Oblast, Kazakhstan.

Natural attractions of the Karaganda region.

Rest and fishing on the Karakengir river.

Kara-Kengir or Kengir river is one of the largest tributaries of the Sarysu River. The river originates from the Zhaksy Arganata Ulytau mountain range and flows from north to south without changing its direction. The river flows between low and secluded hills, the valleys are wide and spread out, and the gorge is narrow, like a canyon, with a deep channel. The city of Zhezkazgan is located in the lower reaches of the Kara-Kengir River. The Kengir reservoir was built near the city.

Kara-Kengir River - how to get there.

The Kara-Kengir River is located and flows through the territory of the Karaganda region, Ulytau district. The village of Karakengir is located in the area, which is one of the landmarks on the river. The distance from the city of Karaganda to the village of Karakengir is 300 kilometers. The river originates 7 kilometers from Lake Barakkol and flows into the larger Sarysu River.

The Kara-Kengir River and the Asankozha Mausoleum - information for tourists.

The river is 295 kilometers long, the river is very picturesque and beautiful. The river is not large, in some places even very narrow, it flows through the picturesque region of the Karaganda region and is one of its attractions. On the river you can relax, swim, fish and spend time. On the bank of the river is the ancient mausoleum of Asankozha, a monument of the 19th century. Such rivers as Sarykengir, Zhylandy and Zhezdy flow into the Kara-Kengir River.

The river Kara-Kengir, Karakengir.


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