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Moiyntogay tract on the Charyn River.

Traveling along the canyons of the Charyn River.

Tour to Charyn and Moiyntogay.

The Moiyntogay tract is part of the Charyn Natural Park, the distance from the bridge on the Chundzha River (Chundzhinsky Bridge) is 8 kilometers. The famous Valley of Castles is also located nearby, the distance from the Maintogay tract to the valley of castles is 14 kilometers. All places can be traveled in one day, but it is better in two days so as not to be in a hurry.

Moiyntogay tract - how to get there.

Moiyntogay is located on the left bank of the Charyn River at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level. The Moyyntogai area belongs to the Almaty region, located on the Almaty-Chundzha road, Uygur district, Republic of Kazakhstan. From the city of Almaty to the tract can be reached in one day, the distance is approximately 350 kilometers one way.
GPS coordinates of the Moiyntogai tract: N43°27'34.19" E79°11'16.94"

Moiyntogay tract - information for tourists.

The tract is a desert area with many hills and depressions. The Charyn River flows along the bottom of the tract, so we can look down and look at the river itself. It is dangerous to go down to the river, so it is best to observe the river from a hill. There are several panoramic points from where a view of the Moiyntogay tract and the Charyn River opens, the scale of these places is amazing. Green trees grow along the river, which gives the river a magical look; in spring, the river is sometimes not even visible from flowering trees. Further, the river leaves the canyon and flows through the Ili valley. The Kurtogay tract is also located here, which is, as it were, higher and precedes the Moiyntogay tract. To get to the grandiose canyon on the Charyn River, it is necessary to move along the technological, old, dirt road along the power line, which crosses the Almaty-Zharkent highway 16 kilometers before the Chundzhinsky bridge.

Moiyntogay tract.


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