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Karatau, a mountain range in the Almaty region.

Traveling in the mountains of Almaty region.

Nature of Raimbek district of Almaty region.

Karatau is a mountain range located in the northwest of the Tien Shan Range. The tops of the ridges are gentle, the slopes are ravine and steep. The southwest of Karatau is occupied by the Syr Darya, the northeast by the Talas River basin.

Karatau Mountains - how to get there.

Karatau is located mainly in the Zhambyl region. Only the northwestern part is located on the territory of the Turkestan region. It stretches from the northwest to the southeast for 420 km, and currently has a length of 60-80 km (boraldai range in the southeast). The highest point is Mount Bessaz (2175 m). The ridge consists of adjacent ridges Small Karatau and southwestern Karatau.

Geology of the Karatau Mountains.

The eastern and lower Karatau Karatau are composed of Proterozoic shales and sandstones, and the southwestern Karatau is composed of Carboniferous limestones, sandstones, conglomerates and Devonian volcanic rocks.

Climate in the Karatau mountains.

The average January temperature is -10°C on the northern slopes and slopes of the ridge, -6°C in the southwest. Summers are hot and dry, the average July temperature is 22 - 26°C. The average annual rainfall is 200-400 mm in the foothills and 400-600 mm in the mountains. Karatau region has large reserves of groundwater.

Mountains Karatau.


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