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Zhinishke Mountain plateau

Zhinishke mountain plateau and Shilik plateau -

Jeep tour to Zhinishke mountain plateau -

The Zhinishke mountain plateau, a picturesque mountain tract and high plateau, a little-known landmark of the Almaty region, is also considered a hard-to-reach place. We recommend traveling on the Zhinishke plateau on highly passable 4x4 cars. The plateau is 16 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. There is a road across the plateau.

How to get there -

The Zhinishke and Shilik (Chilik) plateau is located in the Almaty region, in the hard-to-reach mountainous region of the Zailiysky Alatau, the Aksholak mountains, Kegen district. The main landmark here is the Shetende tract, and the Ashykdala tract, the Zhinishke plateau is located between these two valleys.
GPS coordinates: N43°04'31.28" E78°07'01.27"

Information for tourists -

Traveling to Zhinishke will take you at least two days, so when traveling to this region, plan your trip. Also, the Zhinishke plateau is located in the mountains, and a mountain road passes through the plateau, there is no asphalt, we recommend traveling here with at least two cars for mutual assistance and safety. Through the Zhinishke plateau on a mountain road you can get to the Amanzhol mountain gorge, the road passes through the Akkiya pass, the height of which is 2933 meters above sea level. We strongly recommend traveling here only in the summer, the end of June, July, August, at other times the roads are absolutely impassable, especially in winter. On the Zhinishke plateau in the summer you can meet nomads, their yurts and camps.

Stone town on the Zhenishke plateau -

The stone city is located at an altitude of 3233 meters above sea level and consists of scattered huge pieces of rocks over a vast territory. The place attracts travelers on highly passable 4x4 cars, since it is possible to get here only by high passable jeeps. The rocks are like an ancient city that was high in the mountains that was destroyed by time.

Zhinishke, a mountain plateau in the mountains of the Almaty region


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