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Taban-Karagay mountain tract

Jeep tour to Taban-Karagay

Travel and tour service in the Taban-Karagay tract

Taban-Karagay-famous mountain tract, is one of the most visited sights of the Almaty region. Taban-Karagai, a natural landmark of our Kazakhstan, we invite you to visit this magical place of our beautiful country. The height at which the tract is located is 2644 meters above sea level, there is crystal clear air, and magnificent nature. The area is mountainous hills.

How to get there

Taban-Karagai is located in the Almaty region, the region of the Zhenishke mountain plateau and the Zhenishke river, the Kegen region, the mountains and the mountain range of the Zailiysky Alatau.
GPS coordinates tract: N43°05'45.85" E78°02'45.23"

Information for tourists

The Taban-Karagay tract begins on the tributary of the Zhenishke River - Shetensai, Mount Akkarly also serves as a reference point here. A mountain road runs along the Taban-Karagay tract, we recommend traveling here by 4x4 high-cross-country vehicle. We also recommend traveling around the region and staying here with at least two cars for mutual assistance and safety. At the entrance to the territory of the tract there is a tour base, 4 cottages, from the Jaeger post to the base, the length of the route is 18 kilometers. In the Taban-Karagay tract, there is magnificent nature, spruce, mountain ash, willow, and juniper grow here. It is best to travel to the tract in early summer or late spring, as nature here blooms during this period and it is very beautiful and there are many flowers.

Taban-Karagay, mountain tract, Zhenishke plateau area


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