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Tekes waterfall on the Left Tekes river

Jeep tour to Tekes waterfall and Tekes mountain valley

Tekes waterfall near Tuzkol lake, Tekes river valley, Tekes gorge

The Tekes waterfall-small but very beautiful, is one of the frequently visited sights of the Almaty region. The waterfall is located in the picturesque mountain gorge Tekes through which a river flows, which is also called Tekes. We recommend traveling around the region at the beginning of summer, when nature here fills with colors, flowers and green grass bloom. At the end of summer, the area burns out and becomes yellow.

Рow to get there

The Tekes waterfall is located in the Almaty region at a distance of 300 kilometers from the city of Almaty. The main landmark here is the village of Kegen, from which the mountain road starts up the gorge towards the waterfall. The whole area is located in the Terskey Ala-Too mountains, the Ketmen mountain range behind which is the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Information for tourists

Traveling to the Tekes waterfall can take two days, but of course it is better to go here for three days in order to take your time and see all the beauties. To travel to the waterfall, we recommend using a 4x4 car with high ground clearance, the road here is mountainous and when it rains it becomes more difficult to move here. There is no infrastructure in the area, so all the necessary equipment for setting up a base camp must be taken with you (tents, sleeping bags, karimats, a field kitchen, etc.) Here we will meet herds of nomads and yurts of nomads who graze their cattle here.

If you agree with the nomads, you can stay at their place for a fee. The area is very beautiful and picturesque, the nature here is unique and pristine. On the way it is necessary to cross fords through small rivers and streams. In the forests, you can pick mushrooms and fry them on a fire in the evening; it is best to bring firewood for a fire with you. From the base camp to the Tekes waterfall, the distance is three kilometers, so you will also make a hiking trip (trekking, hiking) to the mountains here. You must have mountain shoes, sunglasses, water, a cap for your head, walking sticks, and you must also follow the safety precautions for being in the mountains, stay in a group, and not leave the trail.

Tekes waterfall


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