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Tekes Valley, Tekes Gorge, Tekes River, Tekes Waterfall

Journey to the Tekes Valley

Nature of Almaty region, Tekes valley

The marvelous Tekes valley is one of the most popular sights of the Almaty region, the valley is very beautiful and picturesque. This area is especially beautiful in spring and early summer, the area blooms, the slopes of the mountains are covered with flowers and green grass. Also, a beautiful coniferous forest grows here, in which a lot of mushrooms grow that can be collected and fried in the evening on a fire.

How to get there

The Tekes valley is located in the Terskey Ala-Too mountains of the Ketmen mountain range (Ketmen mountains), from the city of Almaty to the place the distance is 300 kilometers. The first checkpoint is the village of Kegen, from the village up into the mountains there is a mountain road that will lead us to the Tekes valley. Lake Tuzkol area.

Information for tourists

In the Tekes valley there is a yurt camp where you can stay, there is a kitchen and yurts for rest and overnight, the price is not cheap, so we recommend traveling here with your own equipment to set up a base camp. In the Tekes valley there is a Tekes waterfall to which we will make a mountain hike from our base camp, also in the valley there live many nomads in yurts, where we can get acquainted with their way of life and culture. In the valley, you may be charged by local rangers rangers, for setting up a tent 4,000 tenge, to stay in a yurt the price will be 20,000 tenge. Our company provides a wide range of services and equipment for organizing a trip to the Tekes valley with the installation of a base camp and staying here for several days.

Tekes valley, Tekes gorge, Tekes river, Tekes waterfall


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