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Ulken Kakpak mountain gorge and lake Karakol

Drive to Ulken Kakpak gorge and Karakol lake from Almaty city

Little-known sights of the Almaty region – Ulken Kakpak gorge

Ulken Gorge Kakpak is a picturesque mountain gorge, a little-known landmark of the Almaty region. We recommend traveling around this region on highly passable 4x4 vehicles, you also need to have a complete set of equipment for setting up the base camp. A mountain road passes through the gorge, along which you can get to the upper reaches of the gorge and then along the same road it is possible to drive to the high mountain lake Karakol.

How to get there

The Ulken Kakpak gorge is located in the Tien Shan mountains, 300 kilometers from the city of Almaty, the most beautiful alpine lake Karakol is located in the upper reaches of this gorge at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level, South-East of the Almaty region, the Tuzkol lake area.

Information for tourists

On the way to the Ulken Kakpak gorge, you will pass 2 checkpoints where you need to present documents and write down your data. Also further along the road there will be a tour base where you can stop and relax, there are also accommodations and cafes on the tour base. A trip to this region will take at least two days, so plan your trip in advance. We recommend traveling here for at least three days to take your time and see all the sights of the region. From the base camp we will make a mountain hike to Lake Karakol, further above the lake there is a nameless pass, to which you can also make a short ascent. The altitude at which you will be here varies from 2000 meters to 3500 thousand meters above sea level, so here you need to have full sports equipment for being in the mountains (mountain boots, jacket, glasses, walking sticks, change of clothes, etc.).

We recommend traveling here with your equipment to set up a base camp or use the services of our company, we have all the necessary equipment, vehicles and guides.

Ulken Kakpak Gorge and Lake Karakol


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