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Sultan Epe underground mosque, necropolis

Journey to the mosque Sultan Epe from the city of Fort Shevchenko -

Sultan Epe Mosque and Sultan Epe Canyon, sights of Mangistau -

Sultan Epe is an underground mosque located in a rock formation, the foundation, on the site of ancient settlements of tribes that lived in the Mangistau region and on the territory of the Sultan Epe canyon, which date back to the Stone Age. According to the research of scientists, they found that the place was previously used as an astrological and astronomical observatory. The Sultan Epe Mosque is considered to be an underground mosque, it consists of 9 rooms which are carved into the rock base, the rock of the rock base belongs to the Neogene deposits.

How to get there, visit -

The Sultan Epe Mosque is located on the Tyup-Karagan peninsula on the shore of the Mangishla Bay, the shore of the Caspian Sea, Tyupkaragan district, Mangistau region. From the city of Fort Shevchenko to the Sultan-Epe mosque, the distance is 59 kilometers, from the shore of the Caspian Sea to the mosque 4.5 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: N44°28'16" E51°00'35"

Information -

Traveling to the Sultan-Epe mosque from the city of Fort Shevchenko will take us 1.5 hours on the way. Here we will visit the mosque itself and the coast of the Caspian Sea, see the Mangyshlak Bay and get acquainted with the nature of the region. The mosque consists of 9 rooms, the central corridor leads to all the rooms of the mosque. The mosque has a caretaker who will give you a short tour. The Sultan Epe Mosque is a place of pilgrimage, so here you must follow the rules that the local caretaker will tell you about. In 1982, the Sultan Epe Mosque was registered with the state and this object is being protected. In 2004, restoration work was carried out here. Near the mosque there is a well in which you can draw water.

Sultan Epe underground mosque, Mangystau region


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