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Karaman Ata underground mosque

Journey to the Karaman Ata Underground Mosque -

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The Karaman Ata Mosque is cut down in the hillside, a low mountain, in the soft rock of local limestone. The mosque has three main rooms, a lobby, a prayer hall, and a third hall in which, according to legend, Karaman Ata is buried. Inside the room there are special pillars to support the entire structure. The mosque was originally built in a natural cave, which was located here.

The legend of Karaman Ata -

Legend has it that Sufi Karaman-Ata was the grandson of the famous Sufi Shopan-Ata. Karaman Ata was a friend of Khoja Akhmet Yassavi. In ancient times, they were close friends, then there was a quarrel between them and Karaman-Ata left for Mangyshlak and settled in this region and began construction of an underground mosque. Karaman Ata built his mosque not far from the Shopan-Ata mosque, the land on which these two mosques are located is considered sacred.

How to get there, visit -

The Karaman Ata Underground Mosque is located in Kazakhstan in the Mangystau region, Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangystau district, 5 kilometers from the Kandybas tract.

Tourist Information -

The Karaman Ata Mosque is a place of pilgrimage, pilgrims from all over Central Asia flock here, the places are sacred and magical. It is best to travel to the mosque from the city of Aktau. Near the mosque there are ancient graves of the XIII-IX centuries. Archaeological research was carried out here in 1952 under the direction of M. Mendikulov. In 1982, the Karaman Ata Mosque and the entire surrounding area were included in the list of specially protected objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2005, restoration work was carried out on the territory of the necropolis, in 2015, work was also carried out on the restoration of the monument.

Karaman Ata mosque in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan


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