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Korkembay Mosque, Mangyshlak

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Mosques of Mangistau, Korkembay mosque -

The Korkembay Mosque is a place of pilgrimage and an architectural monument in Kazakhstan. The mosque is a rectangular low building built of local rock and brick. This is the largest and most architectural masterpiece of the 19th century in the Mangistau region. It was built by order of a local rich man Akbota Zhemenei.

How to get there, visit -

The Korkembai mosque is located in the Mangystau region, Beineu district, 40 km southwest of the village of Beineu, along the Manashi gorge. GPS coordinates: N45°1'34" E54°59'27"

Korkembay the preacher is a legend, a story -

Korkembay was known in the country as a preacher of religious knowledge and morality. Until 1928, the Korkembai Mosque was used as an educational institution where the children of the country were taught Islam. Famous akhuns and ishans taught in the mosque (Abdullah hazrat, Shaudir ishan, Karakalpak Matkarim, etc.). Bekturlevich Korkembay Akhun was persecuted by the Bolsheviks, dismissed his students, closed his mosque and moved to Tajikistan. It is currently unknown what year he died and where he is buried.

Information -

The Korkembai Mosque is a 22-room rectangular building built on the lower part of a single-tier wall without a foundation, with 28 domes from the roof. The mosque is built of brick, the walls are covered with limestone on the outside, the internal walls are plastered. In the center of the building there are 4 large halls, along the perimeter of the room with beams and domed roofs framed by false columns sticking out of the walls. The dome of the central halls rests on square columns. Pilasters are placed in the corners and walls of the facades (in pairs). The doorway is located mainly on the eastern and western facades, with window openings in the walls. Reconstruction work was carried out (1991), the walls and vaults of the dome were restored, a fence was built from flat stones based on cement-sand plaster. Near the mosque there are three wells, one of which used to be fresh, and the other two were strong and suitable for watering livestock. Currently two are drinkable, one is even bitter.

Mosque Korkembay in Mangystau region


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