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Makhtum Baba Khanga Baba Baba Mangyshlak Mosque, Kazakhstan.

Drive from Fort Shevchenko to Makhtum Baba Mosque.

Mosque Makhtum Baba in the tract Khanga Baba.

The Makhtum Baba Mosque is a place of pilgrimage, a sacred place, and an ancient cultural monument, a necropolis. This mosque dates back to the XIV-XV centuries. The monument to the Makhtum Baba Mosque is under the protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In ancient times, the mosque was used as a caravanserai and as a school mosque madrasah. The mosque is a multi-chamber structure, rectangular in shape. The building is built of clay and semi-finished stones. Now there is no roof on the building, but judging by the design in antiquity, the building had domed ceilings.

Makhtum Baba Mosque - how to get there.

The Makhtum Baba Mosque is located in the Mangistau region, Tupkaragansky district of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From the city of Fort Shevchenko to the Makhtum Baba Mosque, the distance is 27 kilometers. The village of Kyzylozen is also located here, the distance from which to the mosque is 19 kilometers. Also an additional landmark here is the necropolis of Makhtum Baba.
GPS coordinates of Makhtum Baba Mosque: N 44° 27' 24.30" E 50° 35' 33.14"

Makhtum Baba is a legend.

The legend about Makhtum Baba says that in one night Makhtum Baba planted a beautiful garden of mulberry trees in the desert area where his mosque was located. People came to walk in these gardens and spend time. In the gardens planted by Makhtum Baba, cold water flowed, here one could quench one's thirst and relax in the shade of trees. The place has been considered sacred and magical since ancient times. People come here to fill up with energy and spend time. Now these trees and the garden are long gone, but the legends about this magical garden are kept by the locals.

Makhtum Baba Mosque - information for tourists.

Traveling to the mosque is best done from the city of Fort Shevchenko, or the city of Aktau. The terrain here is deserted, in the summer it is very hot here, so you need to have water, a hat for your head, and sunglasses with you. We recommend traveling around the region with local guides who know the area and can tell an interesting story about the past of these places. Our company provides a full range of services for traveling in this region, we have specialized transport and professional guides.

Makhtum Baba Mosque.


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