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Tolegen Aulie Mosque, Mangystau, Kazakhstan.

A trip to the Tolegen Aulie mosque in the Torysh tract.

Sights of the Torysh tract on the Mangyshlak Peninsula.

The Tolegen Aulie Mosque is a place of pilgrimage and a monument of culture and ancient history of Kazakhstan. The mosque was carved into a clay hill and consists of one round four-coal building. Inside, the room looks like a Kazakh yurt. The first mention of the mosque is found in 1900, this area was explored in ancient times by the researcher Gaspar Nasibyanets. Arabic-graphic inscriptions are applied on the walls of the mosque.

Tolegen aulie mosque - how to get there.

The Tolegen Aulie Mosque is located on the territory of the Mangystau State Historical and Cultural Reserve in the Mangystau Region. The distance from the Shaiyr village to the mosque is 20 kilometers, the Tolegen Aulie mosque is located in the Shaiyr tract, Taszhol area, Karatau mountains.

Tolegen aulie mosque - information for tourists.

The Tolegen Aulie mosque monument is under the protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the monument is a place of pilgrimage and a sacred place. Pilgrims and just travelers who explore the territory of the Mangyshlak Highlands flock here. The mosque is located in a picturesque place, a beautiful panorama of the Torysh tract and the Mangistau region opens from the mosque. We invite you to travel to the sacred places of the Mangyshlak Peninsula with our company, we have all the necessary equipment, professional guides and comfortable vehicles of various classes.

Tolegen aulie mosque.


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