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Old Beineu Mosque, (Eski-Beineu-Beket Ata), Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Old Beyneu Mosque.

Pilgrimage tours to the mosques of Mangyshlak.

The Old Beineu Mosque (Beket Ata) is an architectural monument and a place of pilgrimage for believers not only for the people of Kazakhstan, but for the entire Muslim world. The mosque belongs to the period of the XI-XIX centuries. According to legend, this mosque was built by Beket-ata, for the local population and for travelers, here one could relax and make a pilgrimage. The mosque consists of 4 rooms, the mosque Old Beineu (Beket ata) looks like a yurt. The mosque has a central prayer hall 5 meters in diameter, the mosque is considered to be underground. The premises of the mosque are carved into the rock, next to the mosque there is a source of cold water.

Old Beineu (Beket ata) - how to get there.

The old Beineu (Beket ata) mosque is located on Mangyshlak, 17 kilometers from the village of Beineu, Mangistau region, Beineu district, Aktau-Beineu highway.
GPS coordinates Old Beineu mosque (Beket ata) - N 45°11' 7.05" , E 55°6' 28.19"

Beket Myrzaguly Ata - information.

Beket Myrzaguly Ata (1750-1813) - philosopher, cultural figure, educator. Born in the village of Akmeshit, Atyrau region. Beke Tata was a batyr who fought against enemies for the independence and freedom of the people. Beke tata was also a builder and architect, he built madrasas and mosques in Mangystau, just as Beke tata was a healer, he could heal people from various diseases.

Old Beyneu (Beket ata) - information for tourists.

It is best to travel to the Old Beyneu Mosque from the city of Aktau through the village of Beyneu. The mosque was first explored in 1979, under the guidance of researcher T. Dzhanysbekov. Previously, this mosque was explored already in 1825. Old Beineu (Beket ata) mosque belongs to the specially protected cultural objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Restoration work was carried out in the mosque from 2010 to 2017. The source of water, located next to the mosque, is also considered sacred, the water here is considered healing and healing.

Old Beineu (Beket ata).