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Temir Abdal, underground mosque, Mount Sherkala, Mangyshlak.

Journey to Mount Sherkala to Temir Abdal Mosque.

Mosques of Mangyshlak, underground mosque in Mount Sherkala, Temir Abdal.

Temir Abdal Mosque is considered underground, made of sand and clay, consists of two rooms. According to legend, the mosque was built by a man whose name was Temir, he was engaged in educational activities in this area. Also, this place has a second name as the Sherkala necropolis.

Temir Abdal Sherkala Mosque - how to get there.

The mosque is located next to the famous Mount Sherkala in the Mangistau region, Kazakhstan. From the village of Shetpe to the mosque, the distance is 20 kilometers. The distance from the city of Aktau to the mosque is 170 km. Mount Sherkala on the Mangyshl Highlands can be seen from afar, so you can easily find this place, the mosque is located in the western part of the mountain in the mountain range.

Mosque Temir Abdal Sherkala - information for tourists.

The mosque is dated to the 18th century. The mosque consists of two rooms, one room is now inaccessible because the vault has collapsed and is dangerous there, so follow safety precautions here and it is best to visit the whole room. There is no light opening in the mosque, the light enters only through the entrance, in the mosques on the walls you can see various kinds of inscriptions. It is best to travel to the mosque from the city of Aktau, it is best to use the services of a tour company that organizes your trip here. Traveling to the Temir Abdal mosque, you will also see the nature of the Mangyshlak highlands and the famous Mount Sherkala. You will also see many other local attractions. Our Company organizes the whole range of services for traveling in this region.

Mosque Temir Abdal Sherkala necropolis.


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