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Chink Donyztau (Donguzstau valley), Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Tour to the Donyztau valley (chink).

Sights of the Aktobe region - valley Chink Donyztau.

Chink Donyztau (Donyztau valley) belongs to the great Ustyurt plateau, it includes the Shoshmikol salt marsh, the Manaisor salt marsh, and the Donyztau tract. Here is the famous failure, the Kuruksay ravine and the Aschibulak well, and the Aksay ravine. The whole area is a semi-desert with small hills turning into a plateau.

Chink Donyztau tract - how to get there.

The Donyztau area is located in the Aktobe region and is part of the Ustuyurt plateau, the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the Aschibulak well.
GPS coordinates of Donyztau - N46°24'33.53" E57°11'56.17"

Donyztau tract - information for tourists.

Traveling to the Donyztau tract is best done in early summer or late spring, during this period it is most beautiful here, as nature blooms and it is not so hot yet. In the second half of summer, the area here burns out and it becomes very hot. Various kinds of shrubs and small trees grow here, all vegetation grows in small canyons, since it is not so hot there, and rainwater accumulates. The heights prevailing here vary from 13 meters to 90 meters above sea level.

Donyztau tract, chink.


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