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Bostankum sands (sand valley), Mangistau Peninsula.

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Natural attractions of the Mangyshlak Peninsula - Bostankum.

The Bostankum is so called the beautiful sandy valley of Mangyshlaski Highlands and the natural attraction of the Mangusta Peninsula. The length of the desert valley is 85 kilometers, width of 20 kilometers. The Valley of Bostankum is very beautiful in late spring and early summer. The valley consists of chalk ancient white breeds. It is very nice and unusual here if you like desert areas where you will never meet people then welcome to Bostankum.

Bostankum Valley - how to get there.

The sands of the Bostankum are located on the territory of the Mangistau region, Mangyshlak Highlands, Karakiaki district, Mountains Mangusta, Republic of Kazakhstan. The sands of the Bostankum includes the famous panoramas of the Bossery.

Bostankum Sands - information for the tourist.

According to the Valley of Bostankum, it is best to travel on full-driving cars 4x4 with high ground clearance. Also, we do not recommend traveling around the region alone, it is best here on two cars for mutual assistance to each other. The entire territory of Bostankum is in the desert terrain at the bottom of the ancient Ocean Tetis. There are plants such as Kovyl, Byrian, Saksaul, High trees in the Valley of Bostankum are missing. In the sands of the Bostankum you can meet gas and oil wires.

Bostankum sands, sandy valley.


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