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Buzachi Peninsula, Caspian Sea, Mangistau.

Jeep tour of Buzachi peninsula.

Adventure tourism in Mangyshlak.

Buzachi peninsula, a natural landmark of Mangistau, the height of the peninsula is 29 meters above sea level. The place is an ancient depression, a depression of the Quaternary period. Here you can find sandy desert hills, the area is rather deserted and deserted. There is a very strong wind blowing here in the summer, small plants such as grass, sagebrush, etc. grow. Here you can find wells with water.

Buzachi peninsula - how to get there.

The Buzachi peninsula is located in the Mangystau region, is part of the Caspian Sea, that is, its coastline. The main landmark here is the village of Buzachi.

Buzachi peninsula - information for tourists.

On the Buzachi peninsula, oil fields are being developed, such as Kalamkas, Karazhanbas, Bozaschi. Roads are laid here and it is very convenient to travel around the region. We recommend moving here by 4x4 car, at least two cars for mutual assistance. There are many artesian waters here, which are used for water supply of settlements, irrigation of pastures, etc. The territory of the peninsula is also used for grazing livestock.

Buzachi Peninsula.