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Kokala tract, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.

Sights of Mangystau, Kokala tract.

Jeep tour from Aktau to Kokala tract.

Kokala, the tract of the Mangyshlak highlands, is one of the attractions of Mangyshlak, a very beautiful and unusual desert place, with a bizarre relief and boundless steppe. The Kokala tract consists of gilna of different colors, here such colors of the earth as orange and white prevail. In the kokala grove there is a water spring in which you can replenish your water reserves and drink from the source.

Kokala tract – how to get there.

The Kokala tract is located in the Mangystau region, part of the Western Karatau and Northern Aktau mountains. The main landmark here is the village of Shayyr, the distance from the village to the Kokala tract is 6 kilometers. There is also Mount Zhalgan and the famous Mount Sherkala, the distance from Mount Sherkala to the tract is 10 kilometers.
GPS coordinates of the Kokala tract: N44°14'43.30" E51°53'13.20"

Kokala tract – information for tourists.

In the Kokala tract, it is best to travel by 4x4 four-wheel drive jeeps. The roads here are country roads, so get ready for the fact that there will be dust here. There is the oldest coal left from the burnt forest, the age of coal is 200 million years. Nature, wind and rains have turned the Kokala tract into bizarre formations. Here, especially in the evening, it becomes very unusual, the rays of the setting sun bizarrely illuminate the area and here you can see various kinds of formations similar to columns, huge mushrooms, pyramids, etc. In ancient times, dinosaurs roamed the land of the Kokala tract, the remains of which can even be found here.

Kokala tract, Mangyshlak.


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