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Lake Kushmurun, Kostanay region, Kazakhstan.

Lakes of Kostanay region, lake Kushmurun.

Journey to Lake Kushmurun.

Lake Kushmurun (Kusmuryn), very large but not deep, the area of ​​the lake is 400-415 km2, the catchment area is 10.5 thousand km2. Length 60 km, width 15 km. The deepest point in the lake is 3.5 m. The Obagan River flows through the lake.

Lake Kushmurun - how to get there.

Lake Kushmurun is located on the territory of Karasu and Auliekol districts of Kostanay region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates of Lake Kushmurun: N52°39'59.75" E64°46'09.89"

Lake Kushmurun - information for tourists.

The water is greenish-orange, with a mineral content of 1 - 25 g/l. The bottom of the lake is flat, covered with sandstones and silt deposits. The rivers Ushkarasu, Ashchykarasu and others come out of the lake. The shores of the lake are gentle (5-7 m). To the southwest is the Amankaragai grove. Birds, waterfowl and marsh birds nest in the lake. There are fish, perch, bream, carp in the lake, you can go fishing in the lake.

Lake Kushmurun.


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