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Mausoleum of Begazy (necropolis)

Journey to the mausoleum of Begazy from Karaganda -

Begazy-Dandybay megalithic mausoleum -

The Begazy mausoleum (necropolis) was first discovered in 1998, and its study also began at that time. The Begazy mausoleum is an architectural monument of the Karaganda region and belongs to the Bengazy-Dandybay culture. According to researchers, the construction dates back to the XII-VIII century BC. The complex consists of several buildings located in different places, the main part of the buildings is concentrated in the northern part of the complex.

How to get there, visit -

The Begazy-Dandybay mausoleum is located in the Karaganda region, Aktogay district. The distance from the city of Karaganda to the mausoleum of Begazy is 300 kilometers. The main landmark here is the village of Begazy and Mount Begazy, which are located in close proximity to the mausoleum.
GPS coordinates: 48°16′02″N 75°20′43″E

Information -

The Begazy necropolis is built of stone slabs, the weight of which reaches 3 tons. After the discovery of the complex, the entire complex was restored. Initially, the architectural complex was found in a ruined form. The Begazy mausoleum is also considered to be an ancient proto-city which was located in close proximity to the mausoleum. Research and excavations are ongoing at the Begazy mausoleum, there is not much information on this complex, it is believed that this complex was a transitional place from the Bronze Age to the early Iron Age.

The Begazy Mausoleum will soon be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as the complex is already included in the Astana cluster, which is the country's historical and cultural tourism. The Begazy mausoleum is visited every year by guests from different countries who are interested in the culture and history of ancient Kazakhstan. Also, the nature of this region is very rich and beautiful, we recommend traveling here in late spring and early summer, as the nature of the region at this moment blooms and is filled with colors.

Begazy mausoleum, necropolis in Karaganda region


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