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Ortau Mountains, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour to Ortau mountains from Karaganda city.

Mountain oasis of Ortau, landmark of Karaganda region.

The Ortau Mountains, the most beautiful mountain oasis, spread over the expanses of the Kazakh steppes. The maximum height in the Ortau mountains is 1070 meters, which is quite high for this region, the Ortau mountains are surrounded by the endless Kazakh steppe, so these mountains can be seen from afar. In the mountains of Ortau there is a mountain tract of Zhetykudak, which is also known as the tract of Zhetykazan, which means “Seven cauldrons” in Kazakh.

Ortau mountains - how to get there.

The mountain oasis of Ortau is located on the territory of the Karaganda region in Kazakhstan, Shet district. The main landmark here is the Agadyr railway station, the distance from the station to the Ortau mountains is 30 kilometers, there is also a small village nearby, also called Ortau.
GPS coordinates of Ortau mountain, Ortau village: 48°15′04″ 72°21′13″

Ortau mountain oasis - information for tourists.

In the Ortau mountains you will see small beautiful lakes, we recommend traveling to the Ortau mountains in late spring and early summer, at this time it is especially beautiful here because nature is filled with colors and blooms, in the second half of summer the area completely burns out from the heat. In the Zhetykazan tract, which is located in the Ortau mountains, you will meet a cascade of small lakes, the legend of the place says that if you swim in these lakes and make a wish, it will surely come true. If you are here in April or May, you will definitely see the Schrenk tulip here, which blooms during this period. The area is also rich in archaeological sites from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Also not far from the Ortau mountains is the Shunak meteorite crater.

Ortau mountains.


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