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Nursery of the Bukhara deer, Almaty region

Photo tour to the nursery of the Bukhara deer from the city of Almaty

Observation of the Bukhara deer in Karashengel on the banks of the Ili River

The Bukhara deer, a subspecies of the red deer, is also a subspecies of the Chinese red deer. The animal is very beautiful, especially the male with their beautiful branched horns. This species is widespread in Central Asia. The Bukhara deer reaches a length of 210 cm; the height of the lift is 120 cm. The tail is 22 cm long. Its weight is between 120 and 200 kg. Fur color varies from reddish-brown in summer to gray in winter. The tail and chest are whitish. A faint staining pattern can be seen in the female.

Bukhara deer - how to see, observation

The Bukhara deer is located in the reserve "Bukhara deer" in Karashengel, in the Almaty region on the territory of the Turkestan nature reserve, the left bank of the Ili River.
GPS coordinates of the Bukhara deer kennel: N 42°51.886; E 068°00.325

Bukhara deer in Kazakhstan - information for tourists

In the nursery of the Bukhara deer in the Almaty region, there is a tourist route along which you can walk and also drive by car, there is also a route along the river and watching the Bukhara deer from a boat. The route can be completed in one, you need to leave for the reserve early in the morning, spend the day there and return to Almaty in the evening. Particularly good photographs can be taken at sunset when the deer come out to feed in the evening.

Bukhara deer - general information

The Bukhara deer habitat was in Turkmenistan, the Amu-Darji region in the border triangle of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan (Kashkadarja, Samarkand) and Tajikistan. There are no current numbers in Afghanistan due to the war. Habitat leafy forests and semi-deserts. The Bukhara deer feeds on grass and leaves. The number of the Bukhara deer is very small all over the world, many countries are interested in its breeding, everywhere there are reserves for breeding and restoring the number of the Bukhara deer.

Bukhara deer in Karashengel


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