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Museum of Abay Kunanbaev in Zhidebay.

Tour to the tract Zhidebay.

Sights of the Zhidebay tract and the Abay Museum.

The Abai Museum is a place and a symbol of the spirituality of the Kazakh people. The great poet of the Kazakh steppe Abay Kunanbaev lived in Zhidebay, here is his house-museum, which you can visit. The Abay Museum consists of 8 rooms, the museum contains exhibits that accompanied the poet during his life here. Each exhibit presented in the Abay Museum is worthy of a separate story. The museum has professional guides who will tell you the whole history of this place and the exhibits presented in the museum.

Abay Museum in Zhidebay - how to get there.

The Abay Museum is located in the Abay district of the East Kazakhstan region, in Kazakhstan. From the city of Semey to the Abai Museum, the distance is 180 kilometers, the museum is located in the village of Zhidebay (village).

Museum of Abay Kunanbaev - information for tourists.

The Abai Museum in Zhidebay was opened in 1945, immediately after the victory of our people in World War II, as a branch of the Semipalatinsk Abai Museum. The museum presents exhibits that are of great ethnographic interest, which will introduce you to the era of the legendary poet and musician Abai Kunanbaev. In the museum you will see the pen and inkwell with which the poet Abay wrote his poems, the dombra on which he played his melodies, and the poet's car. Of the poet's furniture, only Dilda's bed, inlaid with bone, has survived. In the 1930s, all the furniture was stolen or disappeared, and only this bed survived. It is said that the bed was still decorated with gold and diamonds, which also did not survive, presumably the bed was looted, diamonds and gold were stolen.

Museum of Abai in Zhidebay.


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