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Tanbaly petroglyphs

Excursion, photo tour to Tanbaly petroglyphs, rock carvings

Petroglyphs of Kazakhstan, Tanbaly rock art monument

Tanbali is an archaeological monument of ancient rock art, a place where you will see ancient rock paintings left here by our ancestors on the rocks. Tanbaly is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the bottom of the main gorge is the main complex of rock carvings, which include hunting scenes, images of warriors, marriage couples, images of various animals and people. Also here you will see images of sun-headed deities and images of an altered state of consciousness.
There are also many solar signs depicted here.

How to get there

Tanbal petroglyphs are located on the territory of the Almaty region in the low mountains of Anrakhay. The route looks like this: Almaty - Kopa station - Karabastau village - Tamgaly (Tambaly) tract, the distance is 160 kilometers, travel time is 3 hours one way.

Information for tourists

We recommend traveling to Tanbaly with a guide who knows the history of this place well, we can also offer you comfortable transport with a professional driver. The Tanbaly complex was discovered in the 1950s, the study of the complex began in 1970 and continues to this day. The complex is located in the Anrahay mountains, the nature here is very beautiful, it is good to travel here in late spring and early summer when the nature of the region blooms. In addition to petroglyphs, you will see the amazing nature of the region here, a lot of flowers and different plants bloom here. Researchers attribute petroglyphs discovered here in the Bronze Age, as well as places of ancient human settlements and their ancient burials. The whole complex of Tambala is sacral and sacred place.

Tanbaly petroglyphs, rock carvings


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