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Ebita reserve, natural park, Aktobe region.

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The Ebita Reserve was established on February 18, 2010 to protect animal species such as elk, roe deer, and other rare species. Eco tours are held here to observe the nature reserve, and observe the animals that are here. The reserve was named after the river that flows through the reserve and this river is called Ebita. Also, rare species of plants grow on the territory of the reserve, which are included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The entire territory of the reserve is under the protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ebita Reserve - how to get there.

The Ebita reserve is located on the territory of the Aktobe region, Kargaly district, Kazakhstan. Ebita Reserve GPS coordinates: 50°50′57″ N 58°08′24″ E

Ebita natural park, nature reserve - tourist information.

The Ebita Reserve was created to preserve rare plant species and nature in its original form. Several tourist routes pass through the territory of the reserve, by visiting which you can get acquainted with the Ebita nature reserve, see its beauty, watch the animals and spend time here on vacation. In the reserve you can see such birds as crane, lapwing, sandpiper, sparrow, steppe falcon, eagle, etc. Also in the reserve you can see a wolf, a fox, a mountain weasel, etc. Also on the territory of the reserve there are many reptile species. The nature of the reserve is rich and pristine, it is especially beautiful here in spring and early summer, during this period nature blooms and fills with colors after a cold winter. The territory of the reserve is a small hillock, the highest points here are 300-400 meters above sea level. The rivers Ebita, Terekla, Zhaiyk flow through the reserve.

Ebita Reserve.


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