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Martuk nature reserve

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Martuk nature reserve was established on December 6, 2017 to preserve the natural diversity of the Aktobe region and Kazakhstan. On the territory of the Martuk Reserve, forest landscapes and trees such as birches, oaks, pines are protected, as well as animals such as elk, roe deer, wild boar, beaver, marmot, and many species of birds live and are protected here. Tourist routes are now being created in the Martuk reserve. The highest points in the reserve do not exceed 400 meters above sea level.

How to get there

The Martuk reserve is located on the territory of the Aktobe region, Mortyk district, Kazakhstan.

Information for tourists

Traveling around the Aktobe region, we can visit the Martuk reserve. The reserve is a hilly plain, especially beautiful here in late spring and early summer. Nature flourishes here during this period, you can meet and watch the animals living here. The rivers Kiyaly-Burtya, Zhaiyk, Kuchukbay, Abdan, Tarangul, Zhosasai, Ungir flow through the Martuk reserve. A lot of different species of animals live in the Martuk reserve, birds are also protected here: eagle owl, crane, lapwing, magpie, sandpiper, kestrel, etc. Animals that live here are represented by such species as wolf, fox, corsac, muskrat, wild boar , there are very rare elk and roe deer.

Martuk reserve


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  1. Александр
    Александр — 4 March 2023 14:46
    На 2 фото что за соленое озеро? 
    1. Rinat WT
      Rinat WT — 5 March 2023 14:40
      Александр добрый день, это безымянное соленое озеро в Актюбинской области, там много таких соленых озер у которых нет названия. Благодарю за внимание.

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