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Shirkala nature reserve, Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

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Natural attractions of the Aktobe region.

The Shirkala Reserve was created to preserve the natural diversity of the region, protect the saiga population and endangered species of flora and fauna. Many species of animals living in this region are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, such as the steppe eagle, bustard, and saiga. Saiga migration paths pass through the reserve, which was also the reason for the creation of a protected area here. On the territory of the reserve in the spring, you can observe herds of saiga.

Shirkala Nature Reserve - how to get there.

Shirkala nature reserve is located in Aktobe region, Baiganinsky district, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Shirkala reserve - information for tourists.

It is best to move around the Shirkala reserve by 4x4 car, the roads here are dusty and sometimes difficult to pass. The reserve is a steppe, a table hill with amazing landforms, the highest points here are 300 meters above sea level. Traveling through the Shirkala reserve, we will see herds of the saiga protected here. It is especially beautiful in the reserve in spring and early summer, the nature of the region blooms and fills with colors, in the second half of summer the region burns out completely in July and August, it is very hot here. Traveling in this region, you must follow safety precautions and stay out of the sun for a long time, have a supply of water and a guide who knows the area.

Natural park Shirkala.


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