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Mount Aulie in the Ulytau mountains, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Ulytau mountains.

Sights of nature Ulytau.

Mount Aulie (Aulietau) in translation means Big Mountain or Great Mountain, these mountains are a place of pilgrimage and a sacred place of Ulytau in Kazakhstan. Since ancient times, the Ulytau mountains and everything connected with them has been revered by people of different faiths. The legend says that the prophet Zarathustra (Zarathushtra) was born in these mountains, a thoroughly Zoroastrian ancient monotheistic religion. Mount Aulietau is considered the place where the sky meets the earth and in this place is connected and intertwined. Mount Aulie is a great place of power, which is located on the territory of Kazakhstan, we invite you to visit this magical place.

Mount Aulie in Ulytau - how to get there.

Mount Aulie is located in the Ulytau mountains in the Karaganda region in Kazakhstan. From the village of Sarlyk to Mount Aulietau, the distance is 27 kilometers, from the village of Ulytau to Mount Aulietau, the distance is 4.5 kilometers, Ulytau district. GPS coordinates of Mount Aulietau: N48°38'38.39" E66°56'47.60"

Mount Aulie - information for tourists.

The height of Mount Aulie is 1131 meters above sea level. The mountain attracts a large number of pilgrims from all over the world; there are many legends about the mountain. Mount Aulie is considered among the locals as the Ancestral Mountain. Researchers believe that Mount Aulie and Ulytau are ancient places of power and worship, researchers believe that this place was already sacred in the Bronze Age. Two paths lead to the top of Aulie, along which you can climb it. The first route starts 3 kilometers from the village of Ulytau, and will take you 2 hours to walk to the top. The second route starts 7 kilometers from the Kazakhmys recreation area. It is best to travel around the area with a guide who knows the area and can show you the easiest route. Our company provides a full range of services for traveling to Mount Aulie, we will provide you with comfortable transport, a guide, meals. You also need to have special shoes for hiking in the mountains, walking sticks, sunglasses, Panama hat, windbreaker and a change of clothes.

Sacred Mount Aulie in Ulytau.


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