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Shalkudysu mountain valley, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Tour to the Shalkudysu valley.

Jeep tour to Shalkudysu.

Shalkudysu valley in translation from the Kazakh language means "Beautiful Place". The altitude at which the valley is located varies from 1500 to 2700 meters above sea level. Nomads live in the Shalkudysu valley and graze their cattle, here you will see 40 nomad camps. A beautiful mountain river flows through the valley, which is also called Shalkudysu. The valley belongs to the Ketmen mountains. The climate of the Shalkudysu valley is very favorable, so there are nomads who live here in the summer.

Shalkudysu Valley - how to get there.

The valley is located between the Ketmen mountains and the Karatau mountains in the Almaty region. The main landmark here is the village of Karasaz, the valley is located south of this village. GPS coordinates of the Shalkudysu valley: N43°10'05.33" E80°07'21.53"

Shalkudysu valley - information for tourists.

The length of the Shalkudysu valley is 55 kilometers, the valley originates at the confluence of the Shalkudysu and Aygatas rivers. The width of the valley is 15 kilometers, the valley is very beautiful in late spring and early summer. We recommend traveling here at the end of June and July, when the weather in the area returns to normal. In the Shalkudysu valley there are many tent camps of nomads and their yurts. The Shalkudysu valley is a traditional place for animal husbandry in the Almaty region. If you want to see the life of nomads and herds of animals, then you definitely need to visit the Shalkudysu valley. The temperature in the valley in summer exceeds +20 degrees. In the valley there are ancient mounds of which there are a lot, the mounds belong to the Saka period, this indicates that the place has been used since ancient times.

Valley of Shalkudysu.


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