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Karkara river, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Journey to the Karkara River from the city of Almaty.

Sights of Raimbek region.

The Karkara River belongs to the Ili River basin, the length of the river is 113 kilometers, the river first flows through the territory of Kazakhstan, and the river originates in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The river is picturesque, it flows through the mountainous area of ​​the famous Karkara mountain valley in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, traveling through these two countries you will definitely see this river. On the bank of the river, you can set up a base camp and relax. Trout fish lives in the Karkara River, fishing on the river is prohibited.

Karkara River - how to get there.

The mountain river Karkara flows through the territory of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, in Kazakhstan the river flows through the Almaty region, Raimbek district, Kegen district. The river originates in the Kungei-Ala-Too mountains. GPS coordinates of the Karkara River: N42°51'19.35" E79°14'19.66"

Karkara river - information for tourists.

The Karkara River in its upper reaches is called the Kokzhar River and the Dzhaak River. The gorge through which the river flows throughout its length is mostly narrow, in the territory of Kazakhstan the river valley is expanding. The river is the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The Karkara River on the territory of Kazakhstan will flow into the Kegen River (upper reaches of the Charyn River). The valley of the Karkara River is a tourist destination. Here you can always see the base tourist camps in which tourists live, especially in Kyrgyzstan. The Karkara River is formed by two small rivers Kokzhar and Turuk. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, the length of the river is only 32 kilometers, the highest point along which the river flows 1777 meters above sea level.

Karkara river.


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