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Terekty-Aulie sacred petroglyphs

Visiting rock paintings in the Ulytau mountains

Jeep tour to the petroglyphs of Terekty-Aulie

Terekty-Aulie is the most beautiful ancient petroglyphs, rock paintings, a sacred sacred place in Central Kazakhstan. Terekty-Aulie is a monument of the historical past of our land, here you will see rock carvings of various animals that belong to the Saka period, camels, horses, bulls, goats, deer, snakes, feline predators and steam-horse chariots are depicted here. Here, hunting scenes and sun worship are also depicted on the stones. The petroglyphs of Terekty-Aulie are dated to the XII century BC and the I century AD.

How to get there

The petroglyphs of Terekty-Aulie are located in the Karaganda region in Kazakhstan. The distance from the village of Terekty to the petroglyphs is 16.8 kilometers, the Karaganda-Zhezkazgan highway. The distance from Zhezkazgan to Terekty-Aulie is 82 kilometers. GPS coordinates of the petroglyphs of Terekty-Aulie: N48°12'45.10" E68°36'50.08"

Information for tourists

It is best to travel to the petroglyphs of Terekty-Aulie from the city of Zhezkazgan. For the first time this sacred complex was investigated in 1940 by academician A.H. Margulan, then in 1996 comprehensive studies of the area were also carried out here. Ancient Stone Age sites, Bronze Age human dwellings, mine wells, granite hills, medieval burial grounds and mazars of the IX, XVII-XVIII centuries, ancient burials have also been found in the Bili area. The petroglyphs are located on three hills. The nature of the region is also very beautiful here, we recommend traveling around the region in late spring and early summer when the whole area is blooming and filled with colors.

Sacred petroglyphs of Terekty-Aulie


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