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Shunak Petroglyphs (Taiatkan-Shunak), Karaganda region.

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Travel to Petroglyphs Shunak from Karaganda.

Petroglyphs Shunak are a monument of culture and ancient creativity of people who lived on the land of Kazakhstan in ancient times. The name of the petroglyphs consisted of the name of the two mountains, which are located in the Betpakdala desert, this is Mount Shunak and Mount Taatkan, from here the name Taitkan-Shunak is obtained. The Shunak complex is an open -air temple, it was a sacred sacred place among the ancient peoples. Until now, Petroglyphs Shunak are the place of pilgrimage.

Petroglyphs Shunak - how to get.

The rock drawings Shunak (Taiatkan-Shunak) are located in the desert Betpak in the Karaganda region, Shetsky district in Kazakhstan. The main guideline here is Mount Shunak, the distance from the Petroglyphs Shunak to Mount Shunak is 13 kilometers.

Taiatkan-Shunak-Information for a tourist.

The number of rocks of Shunak is approximately 200-300 images. Here you will see both single images and group. Here are the starry sky, bulls, horses, hunting scenes. Images of the starry sky speak of the sacredness of the object and that in antiquity our ancestors worshiped the sun, in total 5 sacred scenes are depicted here. Also, the Petroglyphs Shunak depict the war, there is a large image of the howling army on a large stone.

Petroglyphs Shunak are located in the desert, therefore, it is located here and traveling through the deserted region is necessary prepared. We recommend traveling around this territory to 4x4 cars for greater reliability and accompanied by a second car for mutual assistance. Traveling to Petroglyphs Shunak, we can also visit the meteorite crater Shunak which is located 40 kilometers from the main location of the Petroglyphs Shunak. It is also best to have all the necessary equipment for installing a basic camp and overnight in the desert. Our company provides a full range of services to travel to Petroglyphs Shunak.

Petroglyphs Shunak.


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