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Petroglyphs of Baikonyr, Karaganda region.

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Petroglyphs in the Ulutau mountains, Baikonur petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs of Baikonyr, rock carvings of the Bronze Age. Here are depicted scenes of hunting, various animals such as horses, goats, chariots and sun-headed deities or people. Petroglyphs of Baikonur were discovered in 1914 by geologist N.S Voronets. The images on the stones reflect the history of ancient times and the history of the steppe.

Petroglyphs of Baikonyr - how to get there.

Baikonur petroglyphs are located in the Karaganda region Ulytau region in Kazakhstan on the right bank of the small river Baikonur. The main landmark here is the village of Baikonur, from the village to the rock paintings, the distance is 2 kilometers, you can ask the locals for directions to the petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs of Baikonyr - information for tourists.

Traveling to the petroglyphs of Baikonyr is best in late spring and early summer, when the nature of the region blooms here and is full of colors, the steppe blooms, flowers bloom and the grass turns green. Petroglyphs of Baikonyr are located for 20 kilometers along the river, which is also called Baikonur. The Baikonur River is very picturesque, there are fish in the river. Here you can set up a base camp and spend time studying petroglyphs and even go fishing in the river. Petroglyphs of Baikonyr depict hunting scenes, mountain goats, dogs, snakes, saigas are depicted here, as well as images of chariots and sun-headed hunters or people on horseback.

Baikonur petroglyphs.


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