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Grotto Emba, petroglyphs Toleubulak, Aktobe region.

Tour to the rock paintings of Aktobe region.

Journey from Khromtau to the Emba-Toleubulak grotto.

The Emba grotto consists of three parts, these are the Emba-1 grotto (Toleubulak), Emba-2 (small mountain), and Emba-3.
The drawings in the Emba grotto are very interesting and unusual. There are no similar images on the territory of Kazakhstan anywhere else, this place is unique and unrepeatable. This monument belongs to the period of the Bronze Age, the Neolithic. These images represent a sacred meaning, such a conclusion was made by researchers who studied this object.

Grotto Emba (Toleubulak) - how to get there.

Petroglyphs Toleubulak in the Emba grotto is located in the Mugalzhar mountains in the Aktobe region, Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the Salt Lake and the villages of Bulakty and Miyaly, from the Salt Lake to the Emba Grotto, the distance is 3.5 kilometers, from the Bulakty village to the Emba Grotto, the distance is 13.6 kilometers, from the village of Miyaly to the Emba Grotto, the distance is 9.7 kilometers . GPS coordinates of the grotto Emba Toleubulak N49°14'53.71" E58°34'40.47"

Petroglyphs of Toleubulak (Emba grotto) - information for tourists.

Grotto Emba-1 is the largest, its size is 20 square meters, the height is less than a meter, drawings or rock carvings are made on the floor of this grotto. All drawings are depicted in the bottom style, which is specifically depicted has not been established. These drawings, according to the assumption of the researchers, depict the masculine and feminine principles. The age of this complex has also not been precisely established, presumably this complex belongs to the Bronze Age and the Neolithic and Mesolithic periods. Grotto Emba-2 is also very interesting, it depicts similar images and it carries the same sacred meaning, parallel and subparallel groupings of different lines, cup-shaped recesses are depicted here.

Grotto of Emba (Toleubulak).


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