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Kaishi petroglyphs (rock carvings) in the Kaishi mountain tract.

Trips to the petroglyphs of the Almaty region.

Jeep tour to the Kaishi mountain tract and the Kaishi petroglyphs.

The Kaishi petroglyphs were first investigated in 2011, after that, in 2013, more extensive studies were conducted here by researcher Zheleznyakov B.A. The Kaishi petroglyphs belong to the Bronze Age, scenes where priests perform rituals are depicted here, you can find images of sun-headed people or deities, as well as you will see here images of animals such as a mountain goat, a camel, argali, deer, wolf. The height at which the petroglyphs are located varies from 1600 meters to 1700 meters above sea level. Petroglyphs were carved on large stones, which are located in the mountain tract of Kaishi.

Kaishi petroglyphs – how to get there.

The Kaishi petroglyphs are located in the Almaty region in the Koyandytau mountains, near the city of Zharkent. The Kaishi tract is located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level.

Kaishi petroglyphs – information for tourists.

The Kaishi petroglyphs are famous for their depictions of Sun-headed deities and anthropomorphic figures. There are images of Sun-headed deities and people, these images are similar as a kind of contact of people with certain beings. There are also images of human figures with circles around the head, there are complex images of many animals enclosed in a circle. Everywhere there are images of chariots and various signs, what these signs mean is unknown. It is believed that the Kaishi tract and the Kaishi petroglyphs are a sacred place among the ancient peoples who lived on this territory.

Kaishi petroglyphs in the Kaishi tract.


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