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Karakyr petroglyphs in the Anrakhai Mountains

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The Karakyr petroglyphs are a complex of monuments and rock carvings from the Bronze Age. Hunting scenes, sun-headed characters, dancing people, solar signs are depicted here, as well as images of various animals, deer, horses, mountain goats, wolves or dogs, argali, camels. The scenes of sacrifice are also depicted on the Karakyr petroglyph complex. The Karakyr petroglyphs were discovered in 1983, in 1984 the complex was investigated, 6000 petroglyphs were discovered here.

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The Karykyr petroglyphs are located in the Karakyr and Anrakhai mountains, in the Almaty region, Zhambyl district. The distance from Almaty to the Karakyr petroglyphs is 175 kilometers. The main landmark here is the village of Karabastau, the distance from which to the Karakyr petroglyphs is 14 kilometers. From the Tamgaly gorge, which is also located in this region, the distance is 3 kilometers. GPS coordinates of the Karakyr petroglyphs N43°51'04.29" E75°27'08.17"

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We recommend traveling to the Karakyr petroglyphs by 4x4 car, since this area is located in small mountains in a gorge that is also called Karakyr, the maximum height here is 1100 meters above sea level. We recommend traveling to the Karakyr petroglyphs in late spring and early summer, as the petroglyphs are located in a mountainous area and during this period it is especially beautiful here. Petroglyphs are depicted on local rocks on the left slope of the main Karakyr gorge. Traces of ancient sites and burial mounds were also found in this area.

Karakyr petroglyphs


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