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Petroglyphs on the Asy plateau, Zhaman Uy tract

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The petroglyphs on the Asy (Assy) plateau are very interesting, painted on large black stones and located high in the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains in an incredibly beautiful natural place. The petroglyphs refer to ancient settlements that in ancient times were located on the plateau, these are the settlement of Asy No. 1 and the settlement of Asy No. 2. The inhabitants of these settlements set up a small art gallery near their places of residence. In total there are over a thousand images. Here you can see images of animals such as a mountain goat, deer, horse, dog, among the images of people there is an archer, a rider on horses, dancing people, hunting scenes and unknown solar signs in the form of a circle.

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Petroglyphs of the Asy high mountain plateau are located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, on the left bank of the Asy mountain river, Zhaman Uy mountain tract, Enbekshi-Kazakh district, Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Petroglyphs (rock carvings) on the Asy plateau were explored in 2003 by a team of Kazakh-American archaeological expedition leaders (M. Baypakov. K. Chang), they also explored ancient settlements and carried out small excavations here. It has been established that petroglyphs and ancient settlements date back to the Bronze and Early Iron Ages. Earlier in the summer of 2000, a group of archaeologists also carried out excavations here (A.N. Maryasheva and S.A. Potapova), and they discovered petroglyphs not far from the settlements. During the study, it was hypothesized that the place where the petroglyphs were depicted was a sanctuary, because the stones depicted dancing people and people depicted in ritual poses. Also, another interesting discovery was made here after the discovery of drawings depicting a chariot with horses harnessed to them. According to another version, the images of chariots are ordinary images of a horse-drawn cart. Petroglyphs are very interesting because they depict people and animals, etc. and there is not a single inscription in any language and there are no symbols resembling language or words. This applies to all petroglyphs in Kazakhstan and is a very interesting fact that no researcher can explain.

Petroglyphs on the Asy plateau in Almaty region


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