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Petroglyphs of Tambaly in the Anrakay mountains

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Tambaly is a stone complex of petroglyphs, one of the oldest monuments of Zhetysu. Since 2004, this complex has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Petroglyphs of Tanbaly date back to the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Middle Ages. Here you can find images of sun-headed deities, hunting scenes, images of people, images of rituals, images of dancing people, images of people in ritual costumes, there are scenes of sacrifices. Also in the set there are images of different animals such as bulls, cows, horses, camels, mountain goats, etc. For many peoples who left their mark on the history of Kazakhstan, the Tambaly gorge was considered a holy place, ritual ceremonies were held here, worship of Gods and the spirits of ancestors was performed. Ttambalı is a temple palace, a sacred place under the sky.

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Petroglyphs Tanbaly is located 170 kilometers from the city of Almaty, Mount Anrakay, Almaty region.
GPS coordinates: 43°48′12″N 75°32′6″E

Information, history -

Tanbaly petroglyphs were discovered on September 19, 1957 by the Zhetysu team of the South Kazakhstan archaeological expedition of the Institute of History and Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR under the leadership of Anna Georgievna Maksimova, the petroglyphs were found by chance. Petroglyphs as a kind of fine art appeared in the Kazakhstan region in ancient times. Today's reserve, where petroglyphs are located with an area of 3800 hectares, contains settlements, tombs, stone carvings, petroglyph galleries (including more than 5000 drawings) and places of worship is a unique archaeological complex, consisting of more than a hundred monuments of different periods. All this time, for several thousand years, people lived here. In the late 1980s, thanks to scientific articles and paintings, Tambala gained great fame and attracted the attention of foreign and domestic researchers.

It is especially beautiful in the Tanbaly gorge in spring, the steppe surrounding the petroglyphs at this time is incredibly beautiful, nature is filled with flowering colors, here you can see thousands of flowers in the green grass. Tambaly is also interesting for its nature, here you can find rare plants, such as wild tulips, such as Regel's tulip, you can also see wild wolves, foxes, hares, turtles, snakes, falcons and eagles here.

Petroglyphs of the archaeological landscape of Tanbaly


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