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Ak-Kainar petroglyphs (Akkainar), Zhambyl region.

Excursion to Ak-Kainar petroglyphs from Taraz.

Rock paintings of the Zhambyl region.

Petroglyphs of Ak-Kainar date back to the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age, rock carvings cover tens of kilometers of land, and ancient human settlements and ancient burials were discovered and studied in the area. The Akkainar tract is also very picturesque, the nature here is very beautiful, the petroglyphs got their name because of the place where they are located. Petroglyphs of Ak-Kainar are famous for their solar images of people with sun heads, scenes of dances, rituals, and people in wolf masks.

Ak-Kainar petroglyphs - how to get there.

The Ak-Kainar rock carvings are located in the Zhambyl region in Kazakhstan, in the Kulzhabasy mountains. The main landmark here is the Gorny village, petroglyphs are located 20 kilometers from the village near the Ak-Kainar spring.

Rock carvings of Ak-Kainar - information for tourists.

We invite you to visit the Ak-Kainar petroglyphs, which were discovered in 2008, then rock carvings were studied here by local archaeologists. The petroglyphs have been dated to the second millennium BC. Images of bulls here are the most popular and most pronounced, petroglyphs are very beautiful, you will also see images of people in wolf masks here, apparently this was a ritual depicted. You will see here images of people with the head of the sun or moon. Also here you will find many images of animals, horses, mountain goats, camels. Be sure to visit this place with a guide so that he can tell you the history of the place.

Ak-Kainar petroglyphs.


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