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Karasor lake, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Traveling on the lakes of the Karaganda region.

Sights of the Karaganda region and Kazakhstan.

Lake Karasor is the second name of Lake Tazdykol, is a landmark of the Karaganda region and a place of rest for the local population. The lake is located in the steppe, its length is 43 kilometers, the width is 7 kilometers, the lake is quite large. The water in the lake is salty, there are many fish in the lake, you can go fishing here, but only with a fishing rod.

Karasor lake - how to get there.

Lake Karasor is located in the Karaganda region in Kazakhstan, Karkaraly district. The distance from the city of Karkaralinsk to Lake Karasor is 60 kilometers. GPS coordinates Karasor lake: 49°53′14″ N 75°22′34″ E

Karasor lake - information for tourists.

There is no tourist infrastructure on the shores of Karasor Lake, so if you want to relax on the lake, then you need to think about how you will spend it. It is best to bring a tent and all the necessary equipment to set up a base camp. There is therapeutic mud on the lake, which is located within the lake everywhere, people come here to take mud baths. You can also relax on Karasor Lake for one day, you can fish here, but for this you need to take permission on the spot. Many rivers flow into Karasor Lake, the main rivers are Taldy, Karasu, Yesenaman, Barak, Kemer. The length of the coastline of the lake is 100 kilometers, in winter the lake freezes, here you can conduct winter fishing.

Karasor lake.


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