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Aksai Gorge.

Mountain hike in the Aksai gorge in the Almaty region.

Natural attractions in the mountains of Almaty.

Aksai gorge is a beautiful mountain gorge, which is located in the foothills of the Zailiysky Alatau near the city of Almaty, is part of the Aksai forestry. From the main office of the Aksai forestry, a dirt road leads up, along which you can walk. At the top of the Aksai gorge there are two alpine lakes, to which you can make a mountain hike in one day. You can also go even higher, but then you will have to stay here for the night, then for this you will need special equipment for setting up the base camp, tents, sleeping bags, karimats, etc., you also need to think about what you will eat if stay here for the night. Our company provides a full range of services for traveling to the Aksai Gorge.

Aksai Gorge - how to get there.

Aksai Gorge is located in the mountains near the city of Almaty in the Almaty region, Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the city of Kaskelen, and the village of Kamenka, after the village, 4 kilometers beyond the Aksay River, the road up begins, which leads to the Aksay Gorge.

Aksai gorge - information for tourists.

Traveling to the Aksai mountain gorge is best with a guide who knows the area well, a mountain road is laid along the Aksai River, which eventually ends, it is possible to go further only on foot. There are no trails here as such, so you will have to go in certain directions, I know the area and know how to navigate it. The heights that you will overcome while traveling through the gorge vary from 100 meters to 2500 meters above sea level. At the top of the gorge there are high-mountain glades and meadows (jailau). Throughout the route along the gorge you will be accompanied by a coniferous forest, which ends at a certain height. The Aksai River, along which our route passes, is the right tributary of the Kaskelen River.

Aksai Gorge.


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